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About Us

SEH Renovations was created to fill the space not many builders will. We strongly believe customer service goes a long way, so we strive to ensure that you are listened to from that very first point of contact to the end of the project no matter how big or small. As a family run business we will achieve this. Take a look below to see what makes SEH Renovations what we are. 


teve, the father of the two sons, grew up abroad in Trinidad and Tobago until he was 10. At 10 he moved to the UK, ending up in Bedford and hasn't left since. He brings the majority of the knowledge and always ensures the work we produce is to a high standard.

Stephan Jones SEH Renovations


than, the eldest son of the family, is driven and determined to succeed in anything he puts his mind too. He enjoys learning new skills that he can implement into his work. He understands what is needed to communicate clearly with every client and won't cut any corners.

Ethan Cox-Jones SEH Renovations


arris, the youngest of the three, enjoys to express his artistic side within his work. His unique ideas will help bring a new light to any project whilst keeping your fundamental ideas in mind. Looking to prove himself in this busy world he is ready to take any challenge head on.

Harris Cox-Jones SEH Renovations
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